Tuesday, 18 February 2014

First Post!

So today seems to be a good day to start blogging as I have actually done something productive this week! 

Yesterday I had my first recording session in a few months at Studio 91, based in Newbury (https://www.facebook.com/studio91uk). I wanted to create a demo of a song that I had written, 'Done With Love', to eventually send off to publishers.

As some people may know, I'm also a singer and pianist myself, which makes things a lot easier as I don't have to seek out and pay for a performer. For this particular track, I recorded vocals, keyboard and strings at home using my own equipment, but decided to then take these into the studio to work with Sam (studio engineer) as when it comes to producing and creating certain instrumental parts like the percussion, unfortunately I'm a bit clueless! It only took 4 hours of studio time to complete with Sam working his magic, so was a nice, easy session.

If anybody wants to hear, here's a link to the finished product: https://soundcloud.com/melaniereid/done-with-love

Studio 91, Newbury, Berkshire

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