Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A bit about 'Done With Love'

A lot of people ask me what I like to write about and if I ever run out of ideas, and my usual answer is that, despite the fact that people are bound to assume otherwise, I rarely write about myself! Most of the time I try to detach myself from it, which allows me to write about anything and everything. That said, it's clear to see that, even sometimes subconsciously, I seem to write a lot of soppy stuff, which I guess I'll have to put down to me being a bit of a softy!

If anybody is interested, here's a bit about my latest track, "Done With Love": (https://soundcloud.com/melaniereid/done-with-love)

It's about a situation where someone is feeling a bit used and confused after having their heart broken for the first time: "I was blind to the signs, 'cause I've never been hurt before". It's about bitterness: "Though you say you did, I don't think you ever cared", but also vulnerability and a hint of a longing for things to still get resolved, despite this person feeling betrayed: "Maybe if I learned to keep some distance, I won't fall for you".

I tend to write a lot of ballads which I think is mostly down to the fact that they are easier to write with a piano, however I am trying to steer away from that a bit. I think this track had a danger of falling into that, which is partly why I enlisted the help of an engineer to help me spruce it up a bit! 

Musicy stuff...

Even from the beginning, when I started writing the song, I could hear the staccato strings in the opening as I thought they added a sense of drama, and there was room for some harmonies which would allow me to build the tension if I wanted. Plus it always sounds prettier! After listening to the piano and strings parts I had recorded at home, I felt that it needed something heavy for the chorus to have impact. The obvious choice was a few layers of varied percussion, and also some ambient synths which are quite subtle in the final mix, but gave it a lot of depth.

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